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Why Prune In the Winter?

When it’s cold and snowy outside, we don’t often think about pruning our trees and shrubs. Really, winter is the best time to have your deciduous plants and shrubs pruned. Now is the time to schedule to have your trees and shrubs pruned while the plants are dormant, ideally between mid-November and mid-March.


fountain in bed

This is the best time to have your deciduous trees, and most shrubs shaped and thinned. Winter pruning promotes spring growth on your trees and shrubs.

The decision on when to prune partially depends on the purpose: removing dead or rubbing branches, controlling the height of the plant, shaping or thinning the plant, maintaining the size of a hedge, encouraging new growth for a healthier more vibrant plant, removing branches that interfere with wires or obscure street views, etc. If the pruning is done correctly, the pruning will not be noticeable.

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