husker outdoors-fertilizing lawnAre you tired of weeds growing in your lawn? Then, call us at Husker Outdoors, Inc. because we’ll design a comprehensive fertilizing program that’s unique to your lawn. We also use safe, phosphorus-free, granular applications throughout the grass-growing season that won’t hurt you, your children or pets. And we’re flexible: You’ll be able to schedule your lawn treatments on a regular basis throughout the season.

We offer you three different lawn fertilizing and weed control programs that will provide nutrition for a healthy lawn:

  1. Our 6-step lawn fertilizing program includes four applications spanning throughout the entire grass-growing season, starting in mid-April through early October. Every time we visit your commercial or residential property, we’ll apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn. And after we’re done applying granular fertilizer to your lawn, we’ll blow off all hard surfaces to keep the fertilizer in your lawn for best results. In late spring and again, in late summer, we’ll apply liquid treatment on all of your broadleaf weeds on an “as needed” basis.
  2. Our 7-step lawn program includes five fertilizer treatments spanning from mid-April through early October. We apply a slow-release lawn fertilizer each time we visit to help control crabgrass and encourage a healthy, dense lawn. We’ll apply broadleaf weed control every time we see dandelions and other broadleaf weeds growing in your yard. We’ll apply a regular regimen of liquid broadleaf weed control in late spring, and again, in late summer.
  3. Large and challenging properties: We offer a customizable program to accommodate your budget as well as your lawn care needs if your residential or commercial property extends into many acres. This program offers you fertilizer and weed control applications on an “on-call” basis. We provide specialty treatments to control difficult weeds, such as crabgrass, tall fescue, thistles, and many more. Every time we visit, we’ll apply a slow-release fertilizer and will blow off all hard surfaces once we’re done to keep all of the fertilizer on your lawn.

Your lawn is unique. Trust us, at Husker Outdoors, Inc., to customize a plan that takes your budget and time into consideration, as well as the best care for your lawn.

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