Do you want your family and friends to “oooh” and “ahh” at your beautiful residential landscape whenever they visit your home this summer? Then, turn to us at Husker Outdoors, Inc. We offer quality landscape management to all of our commercial and residential customers. We’ll keep your landscape thriving this year, and for many years to come, with our expert care.

We’re more than gardeners; we go in-depth by providing the best practices and horticultural expertise to every property that we maintain. Our in-house horticulturalist ensures that we offer you the best annuals and perennials in the southern part of the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. He also understands what landscape projects will be best for your property.

Here are the different services we provide:

Pruning and trimming:

  1. We’ll shape your woody ornamental plants and other plant media to complement each other. And if needed, we’ll replace old, decaying woody ornamentals with new ones.
  2. We prune and trim deciduous trees up to 15 feet tall. We’ll also replace challenged, dead or diseased trees for you.
  3. We’ll thin out rose plants and bushes for proper growth.

Plant care and flower garden maintenance:

  1. We’ll dead-head (take off flower heads that are finished blooming) and divide your perennials to thin and reinvigorate them. Additionally, we remove perennials and we’ll plant new ones for you.
  2. We’ll design a plan for adding annual plants to your gardens and plant containers. We’ll use different plant types and colors to greet your guests. And we rotate annuals in your landscape throughout the growing season for a continual, colorful look that lasts throughout the entire spring, summer, and fall.
  3. We’ll hand-water your plants or design a landscape or garden irrigation system to install for your manicured gardens and pathways.
  4. We’ll properly install mulch throughout your residential or commercial landscape and at the right depth to ensure weed control and plants’ water retention.
  5. We’ll employ other non-chemical weed control measures, such as hand-hoeing and hand-pulling weeds, or we’ll use chemical herbicides, such as Round Up, on an “as needed” and “agreed upon” basis.

A complete landscape plant care maintenance program:

  1. You have many choices in our Landscape Garden Care packages. We can visit your property one time or we can come throughout the spring, summer, and fall. When we first talk to you, we’ll delineate the type of services you want; as well as specific jobs you want completed; and we’ll draw up a customized maintenance plan for you.
  2. We address the following areas as part of your garden maintenance plan:
  • We’ll identify your landscape goals
  • We’ll include any garden-related challenges, such as your soil’s health, shady and sunny areas, etc.
  • We’ll offer you a planting guide that outlines when, and in what order, we’ll plant your annuals and perennials when we visit your property.
  • We’ll create a 1 – 2 year plant maintenance plan that incorporates your vision for your landscape, as well as your gardens’ needs and seasonal requirements.

“We’ll provide you with beautiful and long-living plants for your home or business’s charming gardens and landscapes!”

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